How does it work?

eLiquidation - How does it work? 

with the vaping boom in 2018, we saw an estimated 4,000 new vape shops open up the UK, even up to 4 shops on a single high street!
With too much choice for vapers inevitably came market saturation, in 2019 it's now estimated roughly 50 vape shops are sadly shutting up shop every month in the UK alone!

This is where eLiquidation comes in! 
We buy liquidated, clearance, discontinued and overstocked e-juice direct from ex-retail shops, distributors and manufacturers looking to clear stock and products extremely quickly! 
In fact, There's no faster way for retailers to clear stock than on eLiquidation, we've sold as many 2,000+ products in under 24 hours!

You'll often see deals on eLiquidation for as little as the cost to manufacture price, up to 90% OFF RRP

But remember, once they're gone, they're gone! The deal may not come around again, so we encourage users to act quickly if you see a deal you like.

What if I don't like the e-juice on offer?
We offer up to 3 new deals a week, Sign up to our email list to catch a bargain!

Are the products fake, damaged or have a short use-by date?
Absolutely not! Bottles are checked and verified before being listed on eLiquidation, No eliquid will be sold with less than a 6-month use-by date.